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NetSupport DNA version 4.90.0000 beschikbaar voor download Product release
Vrijdag 9 Juli 2021, 14:05u

This version is currently available in the following language variants:
English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

This release of NetSupport DNA version 4.90.0000 will work with a NetSupport DNA 4.85 License. If you have not yet updated to a DNA 4.85 release then the new key will automatically be downloaded and applied during the online update process. If your existing license is registered with My Support, the updated license will also be automatically registered.

Please find below details on the recent changes included in this new version of NetSupport DNA version 4.90.0000

Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

What's new

  • Implements two new eSafety phrase categories for Gambling and Cybersecurity. Existing standard phrases moved to these new categories where appropriate. Existing phrase matches are not re-categorised.
  • Adds the ability for safeguarding staff to add a sequence of Notes to Phrase Match records during the review process.
  • Education and Corporate

  • Ensures that Agents always collect data according to their currently stored configuration if they cannot connect to the DNA server due to licensing, or other, issues.
  • Modify Gateway Server code to be fully Unicode compliant.
  • Provides option in GatewayServer configurator to set/clear gateway logging keys which are dynamically acted upon by the gateway service. This is a hidden option available for technical support users on demand.
  • Implements Shift+click, shift+click+drag and Ctrl+click multiple selection/de-selections of PC and user objects in explorer and hierarchy to allow appropriate actions to be carried out on selected multiple PCs. Such actions are those that would be available to a department of PCs.
  • Implements changes to the DNA GatewayServer component which will allow future release of websocket agents (chrome and iOS) to connect to the DNA Server from an external Internet connection when used off-campus.
  • Implements a more efficient method of assessing and delivering component configuration changes due to modification of assigned profiles or changes of profile assigned to a PC e.g. during login / logout. Results in faster delivery of changes, less network traffic and lower agent and server overhead.
  • Blocked URL is added to the alert notification email for blocked websites. This URL is, by design, not a hyperlink in order to protect the recipient of the email.
  • Introduces the ability to perform remote PowerShell commands on multiple target platforms simultaneously.
  • No longer able to apply a license that is lower than the number of previously licensed PCs in the database using the DNADBWizard.
  • Prevent server logging from running for more than 48 hours (configurable) to conserve resources.
  • Added ability for Profiles to be sorted by name or description by clicking on column headers.
  • What's fixed

  • Implements a server registry key that imposes a throttle on cloud http requests in cases where excessive traffic may cause performance issues.
  • Fixes an issue that can lead to media files being stored in the DNA database without an associated phrase match.
  • Corrects inconsistent representation of the phrase "eMail" in some dialogs.
  • Data Retention Policy modified to remove any erroneously saved screenshots, replay files and webcam images that do not have an associated phrase match.
  • Corrects an issue which may cause eSafety email to be undeliverable through email relays that do not support BDAT due to bare linefeeds in the email HTML.
  • Fixes an issue that could cause eSafety word triggers to be missed after a manual restart of the DNA Agent service on a PC.
  • Action of "copying" phrase screen shots is now recorded in phrase match history.
  • Added Gambling helpline to the Safeguarding Resources.
  • Fixes issue where eSafety phrase trigger alert DNA console popup was not reporting the correct triggering username.
  • Fixes potential issue of slow keyboard operation after attempting webcam capture on eSafety trigger when webcam already in use.
  • Education and Corporate

  • DNA Agents that have exceeded the license limit now automatically reconnect to the DNA Server once the server is back within the license limit.
  • Corrects a problem which could cause agents, excluded from DNA due to licensing constraints, from connecting fully without a restart, when the licenced capacity of the server is increased.
  • Fixes issues causing DNA Agent to crash when collecting software inventory when there was a very large amount of change history e.g. where updates are repeatedly failing to install.
  • Corrects a syntax error in Query Tool in SQL to generated when GroupBy was used in conjunction with an aggregate function.
  • Fixes an issue which caused newly excluded printers to continue to report print jobs until a server restart.
  • Modify remote reboot behaviour to allow rebooting of PCs with the DNA GatewayAgent AND the DNA Agent installed. These machines will continue to ignore a power off command in case it operates as a gateway for other PCs.
  • Fixes an issue that could cause screen artefacts on log on desktop of workstations when entering passwords.
  • Fixes an issue where the DNA Web Server would not run on a server with more than 8 processor cores.
  • Fixes an issue where the alert review dialog may not draw properly if recorded media available for the alert.
  • Resolved an issue where USB Device details were not being reported in the DNA Console.
  • Auto clipboard has been changed so it's disabled by default to prevent the control device's clipboard from being by a user on a remote device unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows 10 version 20h2 was reporting incorrectly in the hardware inventory.
  • Fixes issue where blocked website alert was being shown for site that had not actually been blocked.
  • Fixes issue where website activity was not shown in explorer Spotlight if the user's session number was not 1.
  • Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 removed from the Compatible Operating systems list for Software Distribution as these operating systems are no longer supported for NetSupport DNA Agent installation.
  • Software distribution will no longer attempt to send packages to non-windows agents such as Chromebooks or iOS browsers when these are contained in a department selection. As such they will report as "Operating System does not match" rather than "Delivery failed".
  • Fixes an issue where Internet site restricted alerts were not being closed correctly, potentially causing old alerts to be redisplayed in the review dialog when a new alert was received.
  • Fixes issue where blocked website alerts were not being generated for iOS Browser agents.
  • Fixes an error which caused software distributions with embedded credentials to report failure when in fact they completed correctly.
  • Fixes an issue in software distribution where a very long file name on target agent in the distribution user's home folder caused a buffer overrun.
  • Fixes an issue where the agent smartupdate process failed to detect a concurrent installation by its MSIExec global mutex and wait until it's completion before upgrading agent.
  • Provided protection against server crash caused by invalid data returned by software inventory due to invalid/corrupted install date at agent.
  • Fixes issue where Microsoft Teams was being blocked by internet restrictions set to block all or allow approved only.
  • Fixes an issue in rare cases where thumbnails may not show for some agents when no user was logged on.
  • Improves console responsiveness when displaying system statistics when there are a very large number of Gateway Agents configured.
  • Fixes issue causing explorer details view to not display properly when Logged on User selected as sorted column.
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